July Events in San Diego

Check out whats happening in San Diego: July Events in San Diego

A Guide to July Events in San Diego 2014

july events in san diego

july events in san diego

2014: A Jubilant July in San Diego!

Appreciation comes automatically when one mentions the rich experience that the city of San Diego has to offer! Check out these July events in San Diego and you won’t be wrong to call it the dream destination for it exposes you to the best possible colors of life and festivity. Round the year pleasant weather, absolute scenic beauty, mesmerizing timeless landmarks, ever evolving spell binding symphony of art forms and many more of such distinctive features of this city are sure to bind you in a comforting charm!

Whether you are a native or a tourist, there is a list of not to miss July events in San Diego in 2014 that you anyway must pledge to witness to make your July 2014 stay in San Diego worthwhile; Here is a look at the season’s spree! Continue Reading >>>

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The Residential Real Estate Market is a Crapshoot now?!

Residential Market in San Diego a Crapshoot? I think not!

San Diego residential housing market Market

residential san diego

residential san diego

On July 7thCNNMoney carried a post with a headline which said Housing Market is a ‘Crapshoot’. One of America’s famous real estate experts, Karl Case is believed to have said so. Now some of you might know Karl Case from the Case-Shiller home price index, which he co-created along with Bob Shiller.

Karl Case went on to explain that the common notion that most people have is that housing prices always appreciate which he promptly debunked by giving a reference of a house he bought whose value depreciated more than 50% in the last decade!

But there were other striking points in the article as well about the residential market. Case also points out that he bought a house in 1976 for $54000 and sold it a few years later for almost a quarter of a million dollars. He bought one more home in the Boston Area whose value now is almost 2.5 times more than what he paid for! Continue Reading >>>

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Just moved to San Diego? Set up your San Diego Utilities!

Moved to San Diego? How to set up San Diego utilities a guide from Michael Mora and The Mora Team at Keller Williams Realty

Just moved to San Diego? How do I set up San Diego utilities?

Setting up your San Diego Utilities after your move

Setting up your San Diego Utilities after your move.

Are you one of those individuals or families who have recently moved to San Diego and are not aware of an efficient way to set up various essential utilities? Here, we will provide you with some brief information on how to set up the necessary San Diego utilities such as water, electricity, gas, satellite television, radio, phone services, DSL television or cable and internet services.

There are a number of service provides operating throughout San Diego offering a variety of services to the residents. Some are affordable while some are not. So you initially require getting aware of the availability of different services and their tariff plans too. Then, choose a particular one that suits your budget and the one catering to your needs and requirements. Continue Reading >>>

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Downtown San Diego Real Estate Market Stats 02/2014

Up to date Downtown San Diego Real Estate Market Stats

 Downtown San Diego Real Estate Stats February 2014 Update

downtown san diego real estate market statsThe Downtown San Diego real estate market is currently proving to be a buyers market. The days on market are slightly increasing while inventory is showing a small decrease. The current median list price in Downtown San Diego is $500,000.  Downtown San Diego real estate market trends are showing an upward appreciation but nothing like we all witnesses in 2013. If you would like up to date Downtown San Diego real estate market stats contact us today for a free report in downtown or in your San Diego zip code. Continue Reading >>>

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San Diego Real Estate Scoop

SDAR’s Scoop in  San Diego Real Estate Market 1/14

San Diego Real Estate Market January 2014

San Diego Real Estate Scoop

San Diego Real Estate Scoop

The San Diego Real Estate market has recovered greatly in the last year. Inventory is on the rise and it is making it easier for 1st time and seasoned buyers to purchase homes without having to deal with multiple offers. Homes that were once underwater are now showing positive equity. We are also beginning to see more buyers transitioninto neighborhoods they could not afford to purchase in two years ago. This is mainly due to the appreciation that has taken place in the last few years. Continue Reading >>>

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